Natasha announces the beginning of Citizen Climate Action Team aka Citizen C.A.T., with support from EACH Foundation!

In mid-October I was fortunate enough to attend Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training program, an amazing three days packed full of great information that I was eager to share. Many of you turned out to lend your support during my first presentation at a Lunchtime Lesson in November. One attendee, Stevy Stephens, even offered up a sizable donation to create a climate related project. Enter: Citizen C.A.T. – making climate solutions simple…and fun!

I’ve had this side project brewing for a while and Stevy’s contribution from EACH Foundation has kicked it into high gear. John and Diane from Aqus Community stepped up to help us receive the funding and formulate a plan while Lindsey and Andy from WORK jumped in to start turning these ideas into action.

Two other fantastic local organizations also received donations from EACH Foundation –Link Crew at Petaluma High School and Daily Acts. Stevy has organized a party at Aqus Cafe for all three and I hope you can join us…

Where: Aqus Cafe at 189 H St.

When: 3-5 PM on Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

Why: Because it’s important to get together and celebrate positive momentum in this world. 🙂

We’re just getting started, but as Jimmy Carter once wrote: “Our dreams are big…our hopes high…our goals long-term…and the path is difficult. But the only failure is not to try.” 

Join me!