Laurie7 Proven Steps to Uncover your Personal Power and Dreams:

There are many high achieving business women out there who are extremely successful but feel scattered, stressed, isolated, and ultimately unfulfilled.  It is easy for women to get caught up in the “busi-ness” of their daily activities and feel pulled in too many directions.

Laurie Zerga empowers women to bring together their femininity, inner beauty, and personal power to create balance in their life while stepping into their dreams.  Using a proven seven–step formula she developed over her lifetime, Laurie will help you look at your own life through different lenses to get to know your true self.

From there you will have the confidence and power to create the fulfilling life you desire, including:

  • a lifestyle-friendly business environment
  • money to support your dreams
  • the ability to make an impact in your community and the world.


Bio: Laurie Zerga, founder, Feminine Power Flow, combines her passion for relationships, community, and business to support busy women.  As an Italian American raising two daughters climbing to officer at Bechtel, Siemens, and Charles Schwab she learned to successfully navigate the many roles society mandates of women.  She transitioned first to business consultant then a heart-based entrepreneur launching Chef-K®, culinary health education for kids, and a national company.  Through her latest venture she helps women reclaim inner beauty, and feminine power while expressing their truest, authentic self to lead their dream life.  She does this through 3-day workshops in Sonoma County, online and 1-on-1 coaching programs.