WORK offers mid-century style, 21st-century office perks, and community for freelancers.

By Maggie Hohle

It was the mid-century décor that first drew me to WORK. Much of it was sourced at my favorite mod retailer, Vintage Style. I’d peeked in one night and was waiting for a good reason to visit. The August 17th Grand Opening Mid-Mod Soiree was it. Dreamed up and pulled off by owners Natasha Juliana and Matt Moller, with authenticity and intelligence supported by Marissa Patrick from Chick-A-BOOM! Vintage (emcee, clothing), The Shop (hair and makeup) and Nick’s Cove (classic appetizers), the fashion show and 60s-themed food and beverages drew rousing applause from the curious community at large and I was hooked on WORK.

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