Pinned: HAPPY HOUR! – Every Friday @ 4:00 PM – VIA ZOOM

HAPPY HOUR! – Every Friday @ 4:00 PM – VIA ZOOM

We used to do a weekly Happy Hour in the Library, but then several of the regulars moved away and we lost momentum. But, thanks to being forced into digital technology, we’re all back! If you are feeling isolated and in need of a wild conversation, this is the place for you! BYOB. If you’ve moved […]

Pinned: Coffee Social – Tuesdays at 10 AM – NOW VIA ZOOM!

Coffee Social – Tuesdays at 10 AM – NOW VIA ZOOM!

Every Tuesday from 10-11 AM we’ve gathered at WORK. For now we are still virtual, but check back. As the weather warms up, we’ll be able to switch back to outside gatherings. Old friends, new friends – you are all welcome! BYOC. ūüėČ Email Natasha with subject “social” for the zoom link:

Natasha Juliana & Matt Moller

Position/Title: OwnersCompany: WORK PetalumaWebsite: workpetaluma.comContact: 707-721-6540WORK was inspired by¬†our personal experience:¬†we love Petaluma and hate commuting, but find working from home to be too isolating and distracting. Married in 2001, we spent most of our years together¬†deeply submersed in¬†our individual careers.¬† In 2008 we moved from San Francisco to Petaluma in search of a […]

Julia Carlisle

Position/Title: Chaos Prevention Specialist /Park RangerCompany: WORK PetalumaContact: @ WORK I have found focus, work and community as one of WORK’s front desk people i.e. “Chaos Prevention Specialist.”¬† I work weekends at Point Reyes National Seashore as a National Park Service ranger. They give me a truck and a radio then send me out to […]

Jackie Van Winkle

Position/Title: Director of WORK Ops – EmeritusCompany: WORK PetalumaWebsite: www.workpetaluma.comContact:, jackelsd@gmail.comCertified by the National Organization of People Who Do A Lot of Different Things, Jackie¬†has had several roles in a variety of industries including but not limited to Real Estate, Advertising, Health & Wellness, Theatre and most recently Coworking. It was in a time […]