Position/Title: Owners
Company: WORK Petaluma
Website: workpetaluma.com
Contact: natasha@workpetaluma.com 707-721-6540

WORK was inspired by our personal experience: we love Petaluma and hate commuting, but find working from home to be too isolating and distracting.

Married in 2001, we spent most of our years together deeply submersed in our individual careers.  In 2008 we moved from San Francisco to Petaluma in search of a more grounded life for ourselves and our then 4 year old daughter.  For a couple of years I slowed my career in residential architecture to build the home life we sought.  At the same time, Matt’s work was requiring long hours and frequent travel across the globe. Those flights to China were taking a toll on our family and the environment.  No matter how much I ‘greened’ our life, our income source was just not sustainable.

By 2012 we were ready for a change.  It was time to create the work/life balance we both desired.  Combining our extensive backgrounds in multi-media software start-ups and high-end architecture we set out to design a coworking space that will make you want to go to work.  From swanky wallpaper to coffee socials, our goal is to build a productive and enjoyable 21st century work life in the heart of historic downtown.

Now, a vibrant group of coworkers had coalesced, making every day a great day to go to WORK.  Amazing things happen when you bring together an eclectic group of talented professionals and cultivate an atmosphere of openness.  The exchange of ideas, sharing of knowledge, and support of the community is heartening and, frankly, educational.

Today we can walk to WORK, be inspired by like-minded entrepreneurs, pursue our individual passions, and still be home in time for dinner.  Join us!

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