Chorley-ClaraMany people long for work that fulfills them on multiple levels. Some want to make a positive difference by working for an organization that aligns with their interests and values. Others want to start or expand their own business and aren’t sure how.

Wanting a professional change, and actually taking the necessary steps are two very different things, and the smartest most qualified women and men often make similar mistakes. The longer it takes, the harder it can get to maintain focus, energy and motivation.

This Presentation is for you if you:

• Want to make a change professionally and can’t figure out what’s in your way.

• Think you’re taking all the right steps, but don’t seem to be getting where you want to go.

• Find yourself flip-flopping between different ideas.

• Notice you’re not taking action, and know in your heart you’ll regret not figuring this out!

You’ll leave with:

• An understanding of the 3 Big Mistakes.

• Insight into how you are getting in your own way, and practical steps to prevent these roadblocks.

• Energy, inspiration and clarity to get you moving again.


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12-1 PM in the WORK Library.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Bio:  Clara Chorley helps professional women and men around the world gain clarity about what’s next in their careers, and then take strategic steps to get there; whether that means upleveling their current career or figuring out something new.

She is the CEO and founder of Clarity Unlimited; and has an extensive and unique international background as a career coach and consultant, professional speaker, humanitarian, and insatiable explorer. 

She is author of the best-selling book T.U.R.N.: 4 Steps to Clarity in your Life and Career. Clara has been interviewed by multiple radio shows, View from the Bay, and was featured in the documentary film Achieve Your Ultimate Success. She is an international speaker and proud TEDx presenter. Clara is trained in Voice Dialogue, a certified facilitator, and member of the National Speakers Association.