Why is it that so many new businesses fail? Why do so many business owners experience frustration and fatigue in “getting it all done”? How can believing in these myths destroy your business and possibly even your health? The answer to these questions lies in understanding the BPC. What is the BPC you ask? Come listen and be amazed!

In this presentation you will:

-Gain an understanding of why some tasks come easy and why some are difficult.

-Learn how to maximize your brain energy expenditure for better health and increased profits.

-Gain confidence in owning who you are, embrace it and SHINE! The result is people will naturally be drawn to you and your business.


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Bio: Julie Anderson (YourBestMindOnline.com) is also known as the “Brain Lady” Speaker. She is an in-demand international public speaker; wielding her expertise in brain science to bring solution-based training into organizations and with entrepreneurs for business, communications, relationship and life success resulting in: increasing productivity, skyrocketing sales, preventing conflicts, and breaking through barriers in business and life.

An established brain authority in the media, Julie has been interviewed by ABC, FOX, UPN, and is a frequent expert guest on many radio networks. She is also the host of the Brain Lady Speaks radio show on the EWN Podcast network.