The 7 Most Influential Planned Giving Trends… And How Concerned Nonprofits Can Take Action Now!:  Research presented uncovers the latest insights on the challenges non-profits face as they continue to fundraise in today’s environment, as well as key donor concerns, and how to respond appropriately. In this lesson you will learn:

1.  What are the 7 Influential Trends fundraisers face today?

2.  What role do endowments play in securing a nonprofit’s future?

3.  Why are nonprofits essential to the economic future of our country?

4.  What is the media telling your donors and how is it changing their view of you?

5.  What rung does charity occupy on the donor’s Responsibility Ladder?

6.  What are Boards unknowingly doing to sabotage your planned giving efforts?

… And much more


This class is free to all!

12-1 PM in the WORK Library.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Bio: Bruce Frankel is an author, public speaker, the Wealth Consultant of Yerba Buena Financial Partners, LLC and Planned Giving Consultant of Yerba Buena Wealth Advisors, LLC. With experience in international and domestic business issues and consulting, he is the co-creator of The Wealth Impact Process, serves as co-portfolio manager for the firm and is responsible for general business planning and management. With his deep knowledge of entity structuring, tax issues, and employee and executive benefits, Bruce is particularly well positioned to assist clients with business planning – from inception to transition. He also enjoys using his knowledge and experience to implement investment plans for successful business owners and executives that help them reduce their tax liability while also saving for retirement.

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