You don’t have to be stuck with the status quo. Tara Smith will discuss how we can be authentic in our business practices and still be successful. She’ll challenge our assumptions and offer new ways of approaching work. She’ll address the questions:

• Can we be authentic in our business practices i.e transparent and with integrity and still be successful?

• Who’s game is it anyway?

• How do we enjoy our daily lives in our business place whether we create the space or work within it? Can it be different?

• Can we “exist and compete” in an industry that is run by old rules?


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12-1 PM in the WORK Library.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Bio:  Living out her convictions Tara Smith jumped from a successful executive career in the Long Term Care Insurance industry to Farming. Raising and growing REAL food, she seeks to share her experience, inspiration and the humor that has brought her down the unlikely and surprising path as a successful farmer.