Join us as commercial photographer Tyler Chartier teaches us how to make better use of the equipment we already own to create photos that tell the story of our businesses in a more compelling way. From cell phones to DSLRs, we have unprecedented access to excellent photo making tools! Tyler will share his knowledge about the essential elements of creating compelling photographs:

  • Why do so many of our photos fail?
  • The storytelling mindset
  • Visual mass and the balanced image
  • Finding and using great light
  • Tips and tricks for staging the scene
  • How to get the best color from your camera

Tyler Chartier is a commercial photographer based in Petaluma who helps companies connect with their customers through photography. Beyond Tyler’s technical skill as a photographer, his understanding of branding and marketing helps him create photographs that emotionally resonate with his clients’ audience.

“If I hear ‘What a fantastic photo!’ in a way I’ve failed. My perceived role as a photographer should be subtle, if not invisible. When I hear ‘That’s an amazing space!’ or ‘I would love to talk to her!’ then I’ve told the story.” -Tyler Chartier

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Bios: Curious. Obsessive. Passionate. Commercial photographer by day + father by night. For work, Tyler shoots architecture, products and people for regional and national companies – and he shoots almost anything for fun. Combining a passion for the process of photography with intense curiosity, Tyler helps his clients tell their stories to create strong connections with their people. Outside of work Tyler spends as much time as he can with his wife and two boys. Together they love hiking, biking, backpacking, skiing, and building things – most recently a 17′ lapstrake dory. You’ll run into Tyler around town in Petaluma, San Francisco and occasionally NYC – but you’ll see his biggest smile if you cross paths with him outside in one of Sonoma County’s amazing parks or on the Tomales Bay.