Tyler Chartier HeadshotIn this session, commercial photographer Tyler Chartier will teach you how to make better use of the equipment you already own to create photos that tell the story of your business in a more compelling way.

Tyler will share his knowledge about the essential elements of creating compelling photographs:

  • Composition and storytelling
  • Visual mass and the balanced image
  • Finding and using great light
  • Tips and tricks for staging the scene
  • How to get the best color from your camera
  • Controlling contrast

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$5 suggested donation at the door – help us keep the lights on and keep great programs coming your way!   (WORK Members free)

Tyler Chartier is an architectural and commercial photographer based in Petaluma who helps companies connect with their customers through photographs.  Beyond Tyler’s technical skill as a photographer, his understanding of branding and marketing allows him to create photographs that emotionally inspire his clients’ audience.  Learn more at www.tylerchartier.com