Cassie-Crow-1 smHave you ever misinterpreted the meaning of what your client had to say and it cost you?

Can you remember an experience of having a tough conversation with a co-worker, employee or vendor and then only once the conversation was over you think of everything you wanted to say?

Communication is the vehicle by which we exchange information and express thoughts, feelings and ideas. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves and only those that are self-aware have the ability to effectively communicate and engage with others to create more understanding, productivity and progress.

Join us in a lunch time session to discover: 

  • The common mistakes we all make in communication 
  • More about yourself and your effective communication style 
  • A simple tool to improve all your conversations


$5-$10 sliding scale donation at the door for Non WORK Members– help us keep the lights on and keep great programs coming your way! WORK Members FREE including Friends of WORK! 

12-1 PM in the WORK Library.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Bio:  Cassie Crow is a Presenter with Productive Learning, a unique Personal Growth company that has been helping clients develop their innate ability to create and live the life they really want for the past 5 years.