vince beetonVideo is easier than ever to use and abuse, but more importantly, it is one of the most effective tools out there to position your brand in 60 seconds; compared to what could take over an hour to explain. A correctly pitched video doesn’t try and tell the whole story of your brand, it should create an emotional reaction and authentic engagement of your brand position.

We will review the magic potion inside professional video content:

– The hunt for your audience

– The delivery of the magic in the message

– The choice of platforms (eg. website, Facebook, YouTube, email, apps)

– Shoot yourself: the easy way out

– The 6 second click culture

– 10 ways to use video for your business

– Authentic documentary interview

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Vince Beeton describes himself as a Media Messagician with a passion to produce pictures and audio that create magic moments of authentic storytelling. As a TV Director/Camera Operator  he still works for the major broadcasters in the UK and USA, but in the last decade has poured half of his creative juices into the potent chalice of branding and marketing. He relishes that his job is a constant source of learning and always makes time to impart knowledge to empower crew and clients alike. Vince is English, but was happily imported by his Petaluman wife in 2009.