Ever wonder what makes businesses succeed? Looking at different businesses, a pattern emerges: owners of these companies share traits that allow them to be successful. Curious about what those traits are?

This informative presentation:

– Reviews five fabulous characteristics, delving into each one so you can learn more about it.

– Gives you, as the business owner, an opportunity to try on these characteristics and see which ones you find appealing.

– Sets aside time to do a gap analysis of which characteristics you currently employ and which ones you’d like to add, and brainstorm about how you might incorporate them.

This is a fun presentation that allows for plenty of questioning and exploration, so come ready to learn, think, and expand on your success characteristics!


12-1 PM on Friday, March 30th in the WORK Library at 10 4th St, Petaluma

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Bio – Kristine Carey brings enthusiasm, expertise and humor to her work. She has 14 years’ experience coaching and facilitating free agents, tiny businesses, and the otherwise self-employed, empowering them to align their talents and passions with their business goals. She is a trained and Certified Coach, owner of Moxie, Inc., where she is Chief Catalyst, and the Director of Training & Licensing for Get Clients Now!™. She’s a frequent speaker at entrepreneurial groups and conferences.

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