Drew_Freeman_photo_300Are you in Sales? Well, If you’ve ever asked your boss for a raise, asked a potential client/customer for their business, or asked your significant other or child for a special favor, then yes, you’re in Sales.

How do you feel about Selling? Do you like it? How do you like it when people Sell to you??? If you’re like most people, SELL is a four letter word that conjures up all kinds of dreadful feelings.

What if Sales conversations didn’t have to be awkward and tense? What if they could be easy, fun and natural?

Come to our lunchtime lesson and learn how to:

  • Sell by listening WAY more than talking
  • Come from a place of wanting to meet the other person’s needs, and in so doing watch how they talk themselves into what it is that you want.
  • Find out how being 100% yourself is the best approach. (Notice how some people who, when they go into Sales mode change personalities? Don’t let this happen to you!)
  • Get to ‘Win-Win’ or ‘No Deal’ quickly, and with no hard feelings.


$5-$10 sliding scale donation at the door for Non WORK Members– help us keep the lights on and keep great programs coming your way! WORK Members FREE including Friends of WORK! 

12-1 PM in the WORK Library.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Bio:  Drew Freeman is a marketing and business development professional living and working in Petaluma – and loving it.