GeorgeSo you’ve got an idea for a Mobile App? Want to get some well balanced information before you charge ahead? Come to this fast-paced, plain-spoken workshop where veteran App developer and consultant George R. Moskoff shows you all of your options.

If you’re interested in possibly developing an App, this workshop will save you thousands.  If you’re not going to develop an app, it’ll make you look  real smart at cocktail parties.  We will subscribe to an oath of confidentiality when we enter the workshop: we can’t reveal any one’s ideas to anyone else nor use them, without permission, for our own gain.

George will show you:

  • how to develop a prototype and get it tested without spending a dime on programmers
  • how to be more educated about your “architecture” options
  • how to figure out where to market your App
  • how to get ready to roll out the product

This will be a 30-40 minute presentation that will allow for workshopping, brainstorming and tapping the talents of people in the room.


$5-$10 sliding scale donation at the door for Non-Members– help us keep the lights on and keep great programs coming your way! WORK Members FREE- including Friends of WORK!

12-1 PM in the WORK Library. Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

George Moskoff is an expert in startups and has developed two of his own Mobile Apps.  Considered an expert in the business of designing, developing and marketing mobile apps, Moskoff was originally trained as a scientist, completing his Masters work in Biochemistry.  He has been in the business world since 1979 and consulting since 1983 with clients like AT&T, Moen, Target and Bank of America and, of course, small startups.  You can find a video of him talking about Mobile Apps on YouTube.