In mid-October I was fortunate enough to attend Al Gore’s Climate Reality Leadership Training program in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. It was an amazing three days packed full of great information that I am eager to share. Please join me as we discuss:

  • A little bit about the science of climate change.
  • A lot about the solutions. (Yes – they exist – and they’re already taking root!)
  • And you help brainstorm ways to create the sea change (pun intended) needed to address this global issue – fast.

As Jimmy Carter once wrote: “Our dreams are big…our hopes high…our goals long-term…and the path is difficult. But the only failure is not to try.” This is how I want to live my life; always trying to make a better world. I would be most grateful if you would join me.


12- 1 PM in the WORK Library (10 4th Street, Petaluma)

FREE to everyone (And if you can’t make this, I’m sure to do more.)

Bio: Natasha Juliana (who feels very uncomfortable talking about herself in the third person) was raised a hippie-kid of the 1970’s back-to-the land movement, playing in the redwood forest and wondering at the miracle of the Milky Way. She always loved to build things, to create, to imagine – which led to a career in architecture, lots of fun volunteer work, and the creation of WORK Petaluma. Next up – anything she can do to help the planet heal so her child and all of the future children of this world can enjoy the same beautiful, abundant, extraordinary Earth that we have been so blessed to inherit.