Linda Jay sqMaybe nobody would notice that your website home page says it’s when it ought to say its. Did that author really mean to say, “…and we will stand on the toes of those who have gone before us” [shoulders…we will stand on the shoulders]? In the twinkling of a well-trained eye, a professional copyeditor could burnish your company’s prose so it sparkles in the sunlight. There’s really no excuse for sending sloppy copy out into the world.

Professional copyeditor/copywriter Linda Jay will offer her take on:

• Why professionally edited copy is essential to a successful business

• Why self-editing has its limitations

• Six ways copyeditors make your book better

• Why a good editor will always preserve your authentic voice

• How to determine if you and an editor can work together happily


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12-1 PM in the WORK Library. Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Linda Jay has a passion for, and delights in, working with words. She copyedits about 25 book manuscripts a year, for self-published or traditionally published authors in the U.S. and other countries. Genres: business, novels, memoirs, spirituality, women’s issues, academic topics, fantasy (two books on zombies last year — corporate zombies and regular, everyday zombies). Linda also edits magazines, website text, and promotional materials. She is also a marketing copywriter, of back jacket copy for books, profiles and feature stories for magazines, website text and blog posts, brochures and newsletters. Interviewing and research are her other skills. Linda truly has words in her DNA. Her parents were prolific freelance radio and television scriptwriters.