darin wilsonIn the 10 years since its creation, Ruby on Rails has become a popular, if at times controversial, choice for building web sites. But what’s behind the hype?

We’ll take a high-level look at the Rails ecosystem, then look specifically at features that help optimize the more tedious aspects of web development, allowing developers to move faster and have more fun (“programmer happiness” is actually one of the stated goals of the project).

This will be a technical talk intended for anyone who’s curious about how Rails works, its strengths, its weaknesses, and why (or why not) it might be a good choice for your next project.


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Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Darin Wilson has been a software developer since the days when you get help with coding problems by posting a message on a CompuServe forum. He has been working with Ruby and Rails since 2008, and is currently developing web and mobile apps with Infinite Red in San Francisco.