Join us for an eye-opening look at the latest research on how our brain conforms to the messages we give it. When we optimize those messages, our brain will literally rewire itself to form a new, positive self-image. Understanding this opens the door to creating more success in our health, personal relationships, and businesses.

Stephen Campbell teaches this psychology class at Sonoma State University, but will be bringing WORK a special one-hour version. Everyone who has the great fortune of hearing him speak will walk away with a new understanding of how we think and what we can do about it. It’s not magic…it’s science!


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Bio: After working in hospital administration for twenty years, Steven Campbell acquired his Masters at the University of San Francisco and went on to pursue his greatest love… teaching. As both a university professor and Educational Dean in Northern California for another 20 years, he now shares the latest research on how our brain conforms to the messages we give it.

As a member of the adjunct faculty, Steven teaches his psychology class, Your Amazing Mind: Rewiring Your Brain for Success, at Sonoma State University. Steven also writes a column for The Community Voice Magazine and is the author of Making Your Mind Magnificent – Flourishing at Any Age.