One of the most destructive problems in business, and our entire society, is our collective inability to define and stand in our unique strengths.

When innate strengths are identified, leveraged and embodied your business takes root in away that will allow it to grow in satisfaction and profitability. Strengths are our unique intangible talents and are why our clients value our work.

In this lesson you will be inspired by:

  • Learning how to identify your most important intangible talents
  • Gaining an understanding of how to embody your strengths to increase your success
  • Discovering three simple practices to help you leverage your strengths for greater profit


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Noon-1 PM in the WORK Library.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Bio: Business Coach Roberta Ryan, CPCC, supports business owners who are passionate about their work but unsure how to maneuver the complexities of business. With compassion, practicality and decades of experience, Roberta helps you reduce overwhelm and uncertainty while increasing your income, impact and enjoyment. 

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