rebecca 200An average Sonoma County resident produces about 3.6 pounds of waste per day. That’s over a thousand pounds per year! What happens to all that garbage? Do you wonder how you can start reducing your waste today?

Find out how Sonoma County handles your waste from composting to recycling and how you can minimize your waste footprint. This presentation will show you that living a sustainable waste-free lifestyle is not only easier than expected but can also save you and your business money and time.

$5-$10 sliding scale donation at the door for Non WORK Members– help us keep the lights on and keep great programs coming your way! WORK Members FREE including Friends of WORK!

PLEASE RSVP HERE. 12-1 PM in the WORK Library. Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Bio: Rebecca Hoehn is a Waste Management Specialist for Sonoma County Waste Management Agency where she works to promote waste diversion practices through education and outreach. Prior to working for Sonoma County, Rebecca worked for a non-profit where she taught recycling and composting lessons in schools and on an organic farm. Rebecca holds a MS in Sustainable Environmental Resource Management from the University of Malta.