Does the thought of public speaking make you want to run for the hills? Are you in love with what you do but dread having to share updates to your team and/or customers? What about a simple dinner question, do you have an opinion and speak up, or do you defer to the other person’s choice? There are many ways we swallow our voice, and hence our power, every day.

Whatever your position, chances are there are times you need to speak in front of people. Perhaps you’d like to do more than you are but are scared to start? Maybe you want to start sharing videos to spread your message but have yet to make the first one because you’re terrified?

Don’t worry you are not alone, the Greeks called it Glossophobia, literally a fear of speaking, and ask any room of people who wants to speak next and see people shrink into the walls.

No doubt about it, public speaking has a bad rap. But what if it could actually be a fun experience? What if you could not only have more fun with your presentations and talks, but get more engagement from the audience in return? Well you can. You’ll get some great info and tips, such as:

• How to instill confidence in you with the audience before you even say a word.

• Why you don’t want to overcome your fear of public speaking and how that can actually help you

• One visualization technique that is guaranteed to give your jitters new meaning.


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Bio: As “The Feel Better Coach”, Shiv believes that alone we can do so much but together we can do so much more. Shiv works with forward thinking, ever-giving entrepreneurs to make their impact while creating a life and body they love. Shiv supports her clients to tap into the power within them by helping them to take charge of their habits, get their mind on board, plan for success, follow through, and be accountable, so they can change their lives and businesses.

As an ex corporate securities attorney she brings a wide range of experience to the table, she appreciates what stress feels like as well as how valuable, and fragile life is. In her own process, she released 85lbs, found the love of her life, and now does work that she loves and that has an impact worldwide. Shiv has more than 600 videos on her YouTube Channel with almost 600K views in 199 countries.