WORK Petaluma adds more co-working office spaces

Entrepreneurs, freelancers and telecommuters now have more incentive to get out of their home offices and leave their kitchen table desks behind.

Work Petaluma, the popular co-working space in downtown Petaluma, has expanded to another location up the street and across from Penry Park at 245 Kentucky Ave. Instead of the open floor plan desks and group tables that make up the downtown space, Uptown offers private offices complete with ergonomic office chairs, motorized standing desks, high-speed internet and 24/7 key card access. The mid-century-modern styled spaces were created by Natasha Juliana, an architect who, with her husband, Matt Moller, was inspired to start WORK Petaluma after hearing an NPR story about co-working.

The building that houses Uptown is owned by artist and Bloomfield resident Veva Edelson and her partner, Karel Sidorjak. Juliana worked with Edelson to redesign the space and they decided to take advantage of the expansive white walls to showcase local artists. Like the downtown location, which helps creates relationships and networks for members through professional development workshops, coffee socials and even a company picnic, Uptown also offers a space for the community to gather. Public receptions and discussions with each featured artist will be held (and open to the public) every six months as the artwork rotates through the gallery.

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By Ariana Reguzzoni, Town Correspondent, Sept 7th, 2016