darin wilsonNOTE: We’re sneaking this class in on a Thursday so Darin can test out his talk for an upcoming conference.

Elixir is a relatively new functional programming language that’s gaining a lot of interest in the tech community. Built upon the battle-tested Erlang virtual machine, Elixir offers a Ruby-inspired syntax, along with excellent support for building low-latency, distributed, and fault-tolerant systems.

In this talk, you’ll get a brief intro to the Elixir language, then get a close look at Ecto, one of the most popular Elixir packages for accessing relational and NoSQL databases. You’ll see how Ecto differs from traditional ORMs and how it ties neatly into the Phoenix web development framework.

If you’ve been curious about Elixir, this talk will give you the friendly handshake you’ve been looking for. No experience with Elixir is needed, but some knowledge of relational databases will be helpful.


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12-1 PM in the WORK Library.  Feel free to bring a bag lunch.

Darin Wilson has been a software developer since the days when you get help with coding problems by posting a message on a CompuServe forum. He has been working with Ruby and Rails since 2008, and is currently developing web and mobile apps with Infinite Red in San Francisco.