If you write Javascript or are curious about the current state of web programming, this session is for you. Scott Schafer will be giving an overview of the Typescript language, how you can use it to program the web and why Typescript has become one of the least disliked languages around!


12-1 PM on Friday January 12th in the WORK Library (10 4th St)

$10 at the door for Non WORK Members – help us keep the lights on and keep great programs coming your way! WORK Members FREE including Friends of WORK! (http://workpetaluma.com/friends-of-work/) (a special membership level for you regular attendees)

Bio: Scott’s first computer was the TI-59 programmable calculator, which couldn’t do much more than say “hEll0” if you held it upside down, but got him hooked anyway. He’s been writing code for almost all his life, from BASIC to assembly to C++ to Javascript, and has worked on everything from embedded systems (tracking individual bits traveling down wires) to complex web applications. One good way to irritate Scott is to insinuate that Javascript and web programming isn’t “real” programming. He hates that.

In his spare time, Scott writes computer programs.