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When your cat has become your chief advisor, you know it’s time to branch out of your home office.  That’s exactly why Chris Frothinger joined WORK four months ago.  Despite his sweet set-up in his house, progress on his new venture had begun to stagnate.  And look what’s happened since!

Now, instead of a cat, Chris sits across from Barry Stump, an amazing resource on almost all things fascinating, from 3-D printing to homeschooling.  One of Barry’s pastimes is backing Kickstarter projects.  Enthusiastically sharing his knowledge with Chris, Barry got him headed in a new direction.  Needing some help with branding, Chris was introduced to Andy Rado, our coworking graphic designer.  After a few sessions in the conference room and some fun on the white-board, they updated his business name and developed a logo and a look: Further Fit was born.

To kick start that new Kickstarter campaign Chris has all sorts of coWORKing companions eager to see him succeed. Ralph helps with music selection, Neil checks in daily about how the video is coming – knowing it is going to take much longer than he expected (and he was sooo right!), plus Mike and Dmitry jump in to rescue him on the technical front several times.  And when Chris is tempted by the urge to slip over to CNN, the knowledge that his coWORKers are busily working away behind him and might notice that he’s watching news instead of plugging away keeps him on-task.

Then one day, coWORKer Nancy Sands Johnson announces at our Tuesday morning coffee that she has been assigned to write an article for North Bay Biz about high-tech in the North Bay.  Chris’ business is all about integrating wearable technology; it’s a fantastic fit.  So off to the Library they go for an interview.  Fast forward a few more weeks and Nancy’s article is on the cover of North Bay Biz with Chris riding his bike in the featured photo and Further Fit tying right into the heart of the article.

Now that’s something your cat just can’t help you with.

Written by Natasha Juliana. Edited by Linda Jay.  

(See a video interview of Chris, Nancy, Barry and Dan here.)

Natasha and Matt opened WORK in 2012 and go around grinning like the Cheshire Cat each time they see coWORKers making connections.  Curious?  Try us out for free!