Amy Ray, Graphic Designer,

Loves to Make a Project Shine

Written by coWORKer Linda Jay

Amy Ray, graphic designer, has a clear vision of what she likes best about her profession.  “I love the process of helping a client figure out who they are and what they want to convey, and to find a way to do that simply and boldly.  I have a deep appreciation of good photography, and enjoy the process of choosing (and sometimes taking) and editing photos that will make a project shine.  I also love typography, and can easily geek out on minutiae.”

As far as her favorite clients go, Amy muses, “I find that I enjoy small businesses and non-profits the most.  I get to wear many hats and work closely with those in charge.  I’m proud that many of my clients are working towards positive change in the world: one focuses on medically underserved populations, another on the environment, while another employs disabled adults and donates to local charities.”

Amy grew up on a tobacco farm in North Carolina; her mother still lives there.  Her father (now deceased) was a farmer and a poet.  Her mom, “a true Southern lady,”  has  dedicated her life to Public Health and Parish Nursing.  About 20 years ago, Amy “met a cute boy,” who was living in Petaluma and is now her husband.  Their family includes a daughter (16) and a son (12).  “We took the kids to Europe for the first time last summer, and are cooking up plans for next summer’s adventure.”

A real Petaluma enthusiast, Amy comments, “Who could resist the easy access to great food, the best bookstore around, Helen Putnam Park, great public schools, Little League baseball, not to mention the coolest people anywhere.  What a charming town, with rural roots.  It’s kind of hip, kind of hick—my kind of place!”

As for her impressions of WORK Petaluma, Amy is totally positive: “So far, WORK has proven to be everything that I was looking for in a work space.  Both the people and the office are inviting and warm. It is a terrific environment in which to focus and get work done, but there are also little pockets of quiet sharing and collaboration. … I can’t overemphasize how much more productive I’ve been since leaving my home office.  It’s great to be able to focus without the distractions of home, and the spirit of connectedness and camaraderie at WORK is inspiring.”