Chase Olivieri –  Launches A Travel Community App — Altitude;

He Himself Has Visited 100 Countries – So Far!

Written by coWORKer Linda Jay

“I’ve been a jet-setter as long as I can remember,” Chase Olivieri muses.  “My parents, who both hailed from the airline world, installed a deep love for travel and wanderlust in both my brother and me.   I’m forever grateful for that. I saw how the world perspectives of many travelers were vastly different from people who had never left the U.S.”

Chase grew up in Puerto Rico and then attended Duke University, where he graduated with a BA in Public Policy and a certificate in Documentary Studies.  Next, he taught kindergarten in Miami for two years with the Teach for America program, and also earned an MS in Social Change and Education.

Recently, Chase launched a new startup named Altitude (check it out!).  The backstory is, “In 2016, I set a personal goal to visit 100 countries before my 30th birthday in 2018. With 30+ countries to go, I realized I would have to get smart about finding cheap flights.” One observation Chase made was that most travelers are overwhelmed by the flight research process, were paying outrageous prices to travel, and always chose the visit the same destinations.

“Altitude is now the go-to site for flight deals, practical tips, hands-on tutorials, and immediate deal alerts for savvy travelers.  The site is 100 percent member-supported and advertising-free,” Chase explains.  About working as a consultant, he comments, “The greatest thing about running your own business is that you own your time.  If the surf’s up, you might find me on my longboard over in Bolinas, or traversing Annadel Park on my mountain bike.”

Chase has been in Petaluma for 3 ½ years.  His girlfriend came to Petaluma for her job;  we both immediately liked the city. He appreciates being close enough to San Francisco to visit clients, but far enough away so that it seems you’re living in the country, with easy access to the mountains and ocean.

About WORK Petaluma, Chase says: “In my travels, I’ve been to co-working spaces around the world.  WORK Petaluma is truly special.  The community that Natasha has created is unique, fun, and welcoming.  I feel lucky to have found it so quickly.  How great to see the local community embrace WORK; I’m excited to continue watching WORK grow!”

* * *