Daniel Huskey — From Texas to Petaluma

An Odyssey Built on Strong Faith in the Future

Written By coWORKer Linda Jay

Ask Daniel Huskey about the difference between his home state of Texas and his new hometown, Petaluma. “Well, as much as I miss my family and friends in Texas,” he muses, “I often felt I was constantly battling with a pretense, a veneer that many Texans put on.  Here in Petaluma, people are much more open and honest.  Though we may not always agree, what I’ve found is that most Petalumans are at least willing to engage in conversation. In many ways, Texas and Petaluma are polar opposites.”

And now, having fallen under the Bay Area’s spell, the fact that Daniel drives a Prius, drinks Perrier, and listens to NPR has convinced some of his Texas friends that he’s “gone over to the dark side…,” he observes with some irony.

When he and his family moved to the North Bay in 2015, their plan was to plant The Parish Church in Petaluma.  Its three watchwords: GOSPEL. FAMILY. MISSION.  “Professionally,” Daniel says, “I’d feel like I accomplished something if The Parish Church becomes a beacon of hope in our city.  Our desire is to be a church that takes responsibility for the social, spiritual, and cultural well-being of Petaluma.”

Daniel “also hopes to establish and partner with other non-profits in the city that work to equip, train and provide resources for our young people – especially those who are at-risk.”

Daniel and his wife Jessica have been married for almost ten years.  “She’s basically my opposite – much more laid-back, softer-spoken.  Our three children: Hope – 7 ½, Kinley – 6, and Luke -3 – are rambunctious, hilarious, and beautiful.”

A licensed and ordained minister, Daniel has a Bachelor’s degree in Organizational Leadership and is finishing a Master’s degree in Theological Studies.  His other career specialties involve building custom furniture out of wood and steel (“being a furniture maker has been an incredible source of joy and stress relief for me”), and creating custom websites for a wide variety of clients.

Daniel comments:  “I LOVE WORK Petaluma!  I’ve been around a few co-working operations, and they each had their perks.  But they all paled in comparison to the atmosphere here.  What makes WORK Petaluma stand out to me are the intangibles like networking, community participation, and friendships.”

* * *